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Jacq of all Trades, Master of Writing

Jaquelin MelilliJacquelin Melilli has a Master of Arts degree in Writing and Literature from Deakin University. She has over 20 years experience writing for the corporate sector, entertainment, and creative writing. Jacqx believes this experience makes her a Jacq of all Trades, Master of Writing.

Jacqx is passionate about entertainment and the joy it brings to our lives. Her years in the entertainment industry and as a drama teacher has inspired her to write stage plays and film scripts. She is the proud author of multiple award-winning children’s stage plays and educational books called the Lights, Camera, Action series.

For something with an Australian flavour and ultra fun to perform for Eisteddfods or theatre festivals, or traveling troupes, download copies of Jacqx plays for your collection.

Stage Plays


Can Anybody Hear Me?

Little Red Meets the Dingo

Goldisocks and the Three Koalas

Foreigners in Oztralia

Lost Child

For primary and high school drama teachers

These books are a valuable teaching tool that will assist your students with steps to put together a theatrical or film production.

The Lights, Camera, Action series

Can Anybody Hear Me? educational book Foreigners in Oztralia Little Red Meets the Dingo educational book Goldisocks and the Three Koalas educational book


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