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  1. DEAR Ms.Jacquelin Melilli,
    With much more than normal interest I read your splendid review concerning “THE SHOEHORN SONATA”.
    You see,since 1996 I have been trying,in vain so far, to create in the Netherlands’ Stage world an interest in performing this play. Would it perhaps be possible to email me your review without the attached advertisements ?
    For your information, the “vocal-choir” of the Belalau women-
    camp is well told in the documentary film “SONG OF SURVIVAL” from the book by my dear friend Helen Colijn, and made by “VERIATION FILMS” Stephen Longstreth director.
    Also I would highly recommend the documentary “FIFTY YEARS OF SILENCE” (RONIN FILMS,Ned Lander director) the story of Jannie Ruff-O’Herne, who was forced to “serve” in a brothel for Japanese Army officers. In 2007 she testified for the U.S.House of Representatives with 2 Korean “comfort women.
    Like myself Jan also grew up in Java, the former Dutch East- Indies – now Indonesia.
    With very best wishes & regards from sunny Santa Monica,
    Yours Faithfully:
    Johan VanLeer.

    • Dear Johan,
      Thank you for the phone call today. I would be very interested in writing an article about you. I will contact you via email.

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