What legacy will you leave behind?

Your life story is valuable

Nobody has experienced life the same way you have.

Have you considered writing your autobiography or a memoir but don’t know how to get started?

Writing an autobiography or memoir will be one of the most valuable things you’ll leave behind as a legacy. It’s not always easy to understand our own actions, let alone for anyone else to understand them. Writing is incredibly therapeutic. Some of the benefits are:

  • It allows you to express yourself in a safe environment
  • It gives you the opportunity to release any secrets
  • It preserves precious memories
  • Gives people an insight into how your saw the world
  • It allows you to share your knowledge and expertise

Jacquelin Melilli has a Master of Arts degree in Writing and Literature and can help you write your story step-by-step and assist you with editing and self publishing if you choose to make money from you autobiography. Click here for more information about Jacqx professional writing and editing services.

Five reasons to start writing your autobiography or memoir today:

  1. Life is precious; tomorrow has no guarantee. Every day you delay is a day you’ve lost
  2. Leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren and those you touched along the way
  3. Clear up any misunderstandings or regrets. Tie up loose ends. Reveal what life was like from your point of view
  4. It has enormous therapeutic benefits
  5. Make money by publishing your story

The journey of a thousand miles begins with taking the first step. It’s a long but rewarding process. Start it today.

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Sizzling at Seventy by Lyn Traill

Sizzling at Seventy, Lyn Traill

Early this year I secured Jacquellin’s services to edit my book. The book was transformed under her guidance and I was grateful for the clear sighted direction which she imparted with logical and also creative reasoning. The publisher was impressed with her edit and I know they have a better product as a result of her input.

Lyn Traill
Experienced facilitator, highly intuitive coach, speaker, author.
June 18, 2012



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