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Jasmin Organics Skincare

Jasmin Organics –  When Only the Best Organic Skincare Will Do

It was on Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast hinterland that Lihua Song realised her dream of creating luxurious organic skincare. Tamborine Mountain is a special place where the air is crisp and pure and the pristine mountain water keeps the mineral-rich red soil perfectly hydrated. The concept of Jasmin Organics was birthed after Lihua brought her father, who resided in China, to Mount Tamborine for a holiday after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Lihua was well aware of the range of organic products on the market. Lihua’s research revealed that not all products labelled organic were completely organic or of the highest quality, and not all organic produce is necessarily safe. Some manufacturers take shortcuts to mass-produce products that are labelled organic but only have some organic ingredients in them.

Certified Organic and 100% Natural

Lihua employs scientists to carry out stringent testing and research to ensure Jasmin Organics are 100% natural and the purest organic products on the market. Jasmin Organics adult range is over 95% certified organic and their Koala Baby range boasts between 95% to 100% certified organic ingredients. Jasmin Organics has over 1000 formulations in its product range and is audited annually to ensure it keeps up to its high standards.

Jasmin Organics Factory

What’s special about Jasmin Organics is not only that it’s nestled on 15 breathtaking hectares of prime land but visitors have the opportunity to see firsthand how the products are manufactured. The factory has glass paneling that allows visitors to see the manufacturing procedures. Fresh batches of products are made to order for suppliers worldwide. You know you’re getting quality products when they are specifically made to your order. The beauty store on the premises also stocks fresh batches of Jasmin Organics beauty products and the Koala Baby range for personal public purchasers.

Jasmin Organics Factory Tours

Everyone is welcome to visit the factory and enjoy the beautiful serene surrounds where these premium Australian organic skincare products are manufactured. There’s such serenity and peace at Jasmin’s Place that you can sense the stress melting away from your body. Factory tours are available every day. Simply call to make a booking. It’s a wonderful experience to see how nature can be formulated into such beneficial products that nourish our skin and our emotions, through their exquisite scents. The factory tour allows you to get an insight into how the products are made starting from harvesting the produce to the steam distillation required to produce Jasmin Organics 100% organic essential oils. You’ll also be able to observe how the creams, soaps and lipsticks are made.

Jasmin Organics Product Range
Jasmin Organics was awarded The Greenest Formulations at the Sustainable Beauty Awards in Paris in 2013. Their organic skincare range includes day and night moisturisers, cleansers, toners, repair and anti-ageing creams, hand and body lotions and a lipstick range.

Jasmin Aromatique – 100% pure essential oils
These are a pure essential oil range created by Jasmin Organics aromatherapists. They have been steam distilled on the premises to the highest standard. There are also blended essential oils used for aromatherapy and massage blends. The perfect way to diffuse your essential oils is with the signature Jasmin Aromatique Essential Oil Diffuser.

Koala Baby Organics
In 2012, the Koala Baby range was awarded for containing the highest amount of organic ingredients by Organic Monitor in the United Kingdom. Koala Baby Skin products can also be used by adults with sensitive skin. Baby Koala product range includes baby wash, shampoo, barrier cream, face cream, body lotion, massage oil, Mummy’s Tummy cream and lip balms. They also offer specially formulated essential oils to assist mums through the first, second and third trimester, childbirth labour support, and postpartum support.

Jasmin Organics most popular products are: 

Anti-Ageing Serum

Jasmin Anti-ageing Serum is popular with men and women. This potent serum helps repair damaged skin and burns. Visible results on deep burns can be seen as soon as a few days after application.

Face Night Cream

This rich bio-active cream works to hydrate and repair your skin while you sleep. It contains more than 20 natural organic ingredients.

Pure Rosewater Mist

An exquisite rejuvenating mist that not only tones your skin it lifts your spirit and reduces your stress levels with its heavenly scent.

Day Cream

An exquisite smelling cream packed with beneficial ingredients to improve skin cell regeneration and diminish fine lines.


Jasmin lipsticks are all handmade and presented in a bamboo case. The lipstick has a beeswax base which is sourced from beehives on the premises. The colour is mixed from powdered rocks. Each lipstick is inspected to ensure it is flawless. The slightest defect results in having to remake the lipstick.

Moisturising Foundation BB cream

A light tinted cream offering natural UV protection. It contains botanical extracts to reduce the effects of hyper-pigmentation.

Eco-Cellulose Face Mask

The Eco-Cellulose Face Mask is excellent for detoxing the skin. A sign to determine if your body is healthy is whether the mask dries within five to ten minutes of application. 

Business Information

Business Name Jasmin Organics Skincare
Location Jasmin Place Organic Farm is is nestled in the heart of Tamborine Mountain’s rainforests, Gold Coast, Australia. located at 197 Long Road on Tamborine Mountain.
One hour drive from Brisbane CBD, and 35 minutes drive from the Gold Coast.
General Information Jasmin Organics is open 7 days a week. Factory tours can be booked from 10 am to 3.00 pm.
Website Jasmin Organics Website
Bookings Jasmin Organics Tour Bookings

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