Creative Writing for Young Geniuses are workshops designed to encourage young writers to learn how to write engaging stories. Exploring the limitlessness of their imagination, young writers will create stories that reflect the way they view the world.

The Young Geniuses page is dedicated to showcasing the stories of some of our young geniuses. The focus is on learning to observe the world they live in, the people they relate to and exploring the five senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste, as a way of showing, rather than telling a story.

The workshops cover how to structure a story in a way that will engage a reader, hooking the reader in the first paragraph, creating interesting characters, writing believable dialogue, creating tension, the importance of a great title and editing your work.

Writers are given the task of creating a story with one or multiple problems that needed to be solved by the end of the story. They are asked to use descriptive writing to set the scene and introduce their characters. Each character needs to have a specific purpose to the story and talents and personalities that made them unique.

Here is Amelia’s story. She did a wonderful job. Please leave a comment after the story to show her your appreciation.

The Devil in The Woods © 2018 by Amelia Dunwoodie aged 10

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl named Ella. She was twelve years old and had long blond, glossy hair, like her mother. Her mother’s name was Lana. She was a nurse. Ella’s father, John, owned a paper mill. He had short brown hair. His paper mill was not doing well, and he was going to have to close it down. Ella’s parents loved her very much. They never took their eyes off Ella. They thought she was wonderful, but Ella hated all the attention.

Ella never, ever imagined that this ordinary day would turn out so badly. It was a beautiful day, and the family decided to go on their usual walk together. For some reason, the woods they normally walked through looked very dark and spooky. Ella, Lana, and John decided to keep walking. Ella carried her special doll, Violet in her arms. She never went anywhere without it.

They were in the middle of the woods when they heard a ‘swish, swish’ sound.

‘What was that?’ asked Ella.

‘What was what?’ replied John, but they kept on walking.

Bam! The loud noise startled them, and they jumped in fright.

Swoosh. A big net fell on top of them and dragged them quickly into a dark, spooky, cave.

‘Hee, hee, hee!’ laughed a devilish creature that looked very scary with scaly skin and long claws. He had black hair and rotten teeth and big brown ram horns and four eyes. ‘What a delicious dinner I’m going to have tonight!’ said the devil.

‘You can’t eat us!’ screamed Ella.

Ella started freaking out and panicking. She couldn’t breathe properly because she was so scared.

‘Yes I can,’ said the devil. ‘I just need to get some firewood then I will be back to cook you,’ he said with an evil laugh.

‘Let us out!’ cried Ella. But the devil disappeared to get the firewood.

‘Calm down,’ said John.

‘You know what to do,’ reminded Lana. ‘We need to use the special powers. Let’s hold hands, close our eyes and call for Poppy.

‘You need to wake Violet up too,’ suggested John.

Ella began to shake her doll, Violet.

‘Violet, wake up! We need your help,’ begged Ella. Violet opened her eyes.

‘What’s happened?’ asked Violet.

‘A devil has trapped us and is going to get some firewood to cook us,’ explained Ella.

‘Violet, we need you to get out from the net and untie it so we can get out,’ said John. Violet was very squishy and Ella squashed her through the net. Violet untied the net and let them out. They ran out of the cave, but just then an evil tree that was standing watch over the cave fell down across the cave entrance trapping them inside.

‘Oh, no!’ said Lana. Ella began to panic again because she could hear the devil’s voice getting closer. He was making strange noises.

Suddenly there was a loud screech. A battle had started with the devil and Poppy.

‘Poppy’s here!’ called out Ella.

‘Get out. You don’t belong here!’ meowed Poppy. A miracle happened and the power left the devil and he became weak. He ran away, and the evil tree also lost its power too. Violet held the tree up as if by magic. The sun started to shine through the woods again and Ella, Lana and John continued their walk with Violet tucked snuggly under Ella’s arm. Poppy did what all cats do; he disappeared as quickly as he came.

‘I must write a story about this,’ said Ella. ‘But I don’t know how.’

‘I can help you write it,’ said Violet. So they wrote a book and people bought it all over the world, and they got a million dollars. Now that they were rich, John didn’t have to close his paper mill.

You may be wondering what happened to the devil. Poppy set a trap for him in the cave. Then he rolled a big rock in front of the cave. The devil couldn’t get out because he didn’t have any more powers. He got sick from eating dirt and drinking muddy water and then he died.

When he died the woods became magical and Ella, Lana and John discovered a castle when they walked deeper into the woods. That’s where they live now, happily ever after.