Educational Books – The Lights, Camera, Action! series

The Lights, Camera, Action! series of educational books are suitable for drama students aged between 10 to 16 years. They give an insight on filmmaking and theatre production with instructions on how to put on a theatre production, radio play, puppet show, or make a film. The titled one act stage play is included in each book for you to perform either on stage or convert into a radio play, puppet show or film. There are simple illustrated instructions on how to convert the play into a film script; how to plan the film sequence; the crew needed to film; how to frame your shots, and much more to help you create your masterpiece.

Activity sheets for students include analysing characters, character profile, and story comprehension. 

Book purchase includes permission for the purchaser to photocopy sufficient copies for non-commercial educational purposes. Performance application required if performing included play in public.


Little Red Meets the Dingo educational book

Little Red Meets the Dingo play description:

Little Red is addicted to social media. Her new friend, Din is overly keen to meet up. She ignores her mother’s warnings about online predators and invites Din to Granny’s birthday party with disastrous results. Little Red is taken hostage by Din’s dopey accomplice, Der, whilst Granny is being made to sign over her fortune to Din as ransom for Little Red. Does the woodchopper come to the rescue? Does Din get his just desserts? You bet! 

Cast of six – 3 females/3 males. One act play. Approximately 25 minutes.

Goldisocks and the Three Koalas


Goldisocks and the Three Koalas play description:

Goldilocks is ready to retire from her fairytale career and has placed all her hopes that her daughter Goldisocks will take over her role. The problem is, Goldisocks has her own dreams to play professional soccer. Goldisocks is pressured to audition for the upcoming Goldilocks musical. She dreads confessing to her parents that she’s been sneaking off to play soccer instead of going to her singing and dancing lessons. She decides to run away with a rest stop at the Three Koalas tree house where a twist of fate and a change of roles with Baby Koala makes dreams come true. Cast of six: 3 females/3 males. One Act: Approximately 20 minutes.

Foreigners in Oztralia

Foreigners in Oztralia play description:

It’s a holiday from hell when Anita and Frederick Higginbotham, an upper crust couple from England, visit the outback for a taste of the real Australia, as portrayed in the travel brochure. The shock of outback living proves too much for them when they touch down in the sticks and meet their layback hosts, Bazza, Shazza and their six kids. 

Cast of ten – 3 males/3 females & 4 children can be male or female. One Act: Approximately 20 minutes.

Can Anybody Hear Me?


Can Anybody Hear Me? play description:

Amidst her parents arguing Sarah wants to be heard, instead she gets sent to her room. One magical night, Sarah’s toys come to life to help her sort out her frustration. Teddy thinks cuddles fixes everything; Barbie thinks looking beautiful will get you through; Rag Doll bakes delicious treats in times of stress; Ballerina thinks focus and discipline work best; Clown thinks laughter is the best cure, and Mechanical Man tries to solve everyone’s problems or is he the cause of them? 

Cast of nine. One Act: Approximately 20 minutes.


  • the one act stage play
  • introductory notes on filmmaking/theatre production/radio plays & puppet shows
  • stage & film production roles
  • stage directions
  • tips for casting
  • notes on set & costume design
  • tips for lighting & sound
  • notes on storyboarding
  • notes on camera use & framing shots
  • notes on editing
  • explanations of film terminology
  • student worksheets on character profiles & story comprehension
  • An easy-to-follow shooting script.

Performance application required if performing included play in public.