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Writing Friday is open to all writers of all ages to connect for a day of uninterrupted writing. I encourage you to join fellow writers in the community by making Fridays your writing day. Not only will you benefit from meeting local writers, you’ll learn how to use the Pomodoro technique to fast track your writing project.

Pomodoro is the Italian word for tomato. You might be thinking, what does writing have to do with a tomato? The Pomodoro technique was created by university student, Francesco Cirillo, to help him stay focused in his studies. Francesco would set a tomato timer for 25 minutes and use this time to focus on his study without interruption. He would then take a five-minute break and step away from his work. This is the time to have a drink, snack, or stretch your legs before resetting the timer for another 25 minutes and continue in this way for an allocated time. 

This time management technique has been proved to increase your productivity and is used by writers as well as students. You will finish your day with a sense of accomplishment.

Come and join me every Friday from 10 am to 4 pm at Helensvale Library on the Gold Coast.

Writing Friday

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