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I’m on Day 16 of no sugar and things are running quite smoothly. I have moments of intense craving but I seem to be able to get my mind off it.

Having my family visit had its challenges when I would open the pantry and find 2 family blocks of chocolate staring me in the face! There’s only one left now and, no, I didn’t eat it. I didn’t even sniff it!

I’m actually craving less of my dried fruit as I’m finding that quite sweet. I have to admit though that when my intense cravings came, I ate about 10 pieces of dried fruit!

I’ve had trouble purchasing the Chromium polynicotinate as the health food shops only sell the Chromium Picolinate but I did manage to find it on-line and have ordered some from the USA.

I’m hoping the month isn’t up by the time it arrives!

The not so good news is that I haven’t lost ANY weight! Not happy! I don’t think that replacing chocolate with peanuts was a very good idea, but that’s what I was craving. It would be good to get some tips on what to replace the sugar with that’s still low-fat and not boring, like carrots or celery. It’s hard to eat something when you’re really not in the mood for it. If I had to go completely low-fat, goody two shoes at it, I would definitely have failed on Day 2.

I went on a detox program years ago where I could only eat vegetables and herbs, no wheat and diary etc and I spent most of the time in a bad mood, growling at everyone around me as they ate lasagne and dessert and I was still chopping up stinking vegetables and herbs which took hours of preparation. I wasn’t able to chop fast because I was so dizzy with starvation that I probably would have cut my fingers off! There was a specific way of preparing the food and it was driving me crazy!

The bottom line is that it didn’t help me because I wanted to rip everyone’s head off who came anywhere near me with forbidden food and I was in a bad mood and starving 24/7. Not the mention the stress it caused me was far worse than any of the supposed benefits.

So, I’m plodding along nicely and I’m very proud that I haven’t caved in. I was stupid enough to buy a scones and cookies recipe book that I’m drooling over and I’ve just ordered a 500 Cake Recipes book. Very weird because I NEVER buy recipe books, mostly because I don’t get time to cook anymore and because I’ve always stuck to my passed down favourite recipes that I know I won’t stuff up. So, obviously this no sugar business is having some affect on me! I try to convince myself that I just like the pictures in the book!
Still no sugarless buddies! I haven’t convinced any of you to join me yet! Helloooo out there!

Seriously! A chocolate beard?

Seriously! A chocolate beard!