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If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I just recovered from my sugar-free coma! No, I’ve had a writing deadline due so I had to knuckle down and prove that there is some intelligence somewhere in my brain because giving up sugar seemed to show a lack of it. I’ve been whining how disappointing it’s been that I’ve not really had any benefits from giving up sugar. I certainly haven’t lost any weight and I don’t feel any better. I was seriously considering tossing it all in tonight as I headed to the supermarket. I thought I might head straight to the confectionary aisle and grab a block of my fav Lindt choccie. I visualised holding the slim packet in my hand, popping open the pack, peeling back the foil and smelling the delicious aroma of dark chocolate with tiny pieces of almond, or should I get the blueberry, or the mint? I’d pop the cube in my mouth and caress my tongue over it as it slowly melted into a pool of smooth chocolate syrup engulfing my tastebuds seductively before I swallowed it.

But did I? No… I headed straight for the peanut aisle like a good little girl. Did I grab the peanuts? Nope! I found something better. I’m over peanuts. I’ve discovered Mrs May’s All Natural Pumpkin Crunch made with 92% pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, rice malt, evaporated cane juice and sea salt. And for any smarty pants who want to challenge me on the cane juice…bring it on! I said I was giving up sugar, not cane juice! There are always loop holes, baby and I’m a master at finding them! But let’s focus on the positive of Mrs May’s yummy treats. Did you know that pumpkin seeds are a natural way to rid your body of parasites? Don’t screw your face up, everyone has parasites.

Ok, you want to know what else I found? Go Natural Fruit Nut Choc Macadamia Soft Eating Fruit and Nut bar made with  71% dates, 12% macadamia, 9% almonds and 8% cocoa! Yeah, baby! How’s that for investigating alternative solutions! They are my fav of all time! Nutritious and delicious! I sound like an ad campaign! Pity I’m not getting paid for it!

So, with only one week to go, I think I’ve done pretty good so far. I haven’t killed anyone, tackled anyone to the ground, or even driven around aimlessly looking for an open shop at midnight like I’ve done in the past. Very strange really that I haven’t craved it more. Look at the torture I’ve had to put up with:

My two beautiful nieces were torturing me with their chocolate coated faces. Does that not look like pure chocolate enjoyment! I was hoping to catch the drips, but no such luck!

So… it’s seven more days for me. How will I handle the eighth day? Should I blast my liver with a good dose of chocolate? Or, will I actually handle not having to eat sugar everyday? Should I do an extra week of no sugar at all, including natural sugar? What will I gain from doing that? Life needs some sweetness. It’s all about balance, right? Hmm, I’ll sleep on it…