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Days 8 to 11

I know, you haven’t heard from me in a few days and you’re probably thinking I’ve failed my mission. Those chocolates I posted up were the nails in my coffin! I walk in shame with my tail between my legs. I was caught unashamedly licking my computer screen, imagining the delectable taste of those succulent chocolates. Well, let me tell you something, ye of little faith… I had a plate of slices and goodies put under my nose, and do you think I even batted an eyelid? (does drool count?) No! I stared long and hard at that plate whilst others picked their treat with gusto I just watched longingly and pitifully wondering whether the muesli slice counted as sugar if it was organic and full of nutritious goodness for my willing taste buds.  Had that plate stayed in my office for 5 seconds longer I might have pounced but lucky for me I was distracted with a phone call.

I’ve really got the hang of this no sugar thing. It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be! My secret, you’re wondering? Sheer will power and determination, not to mention a bribe of $5,000 if I can do it and multiple bets placed that I’ll fail. Just kidding!

I’ve had some great tips from friends, although I’m still waiting for my sugarless buddies to join in and comment with some support, tips and suggestions on giving up sugar!

Thanks Pauline for the tip about chromium. I looked it up and found that Chromium assists the metabolism of sugar, fats, carbs, and protein and regulates the body’s insulin levels. Chromium polynicotinate is better absorbed by the body and is known to be effective in assisting with weight loss.  Even more interesting is that I discovered that Chromium picolinate can have the reverse effect and cause weight gain. There are also some dangers to consuming Chromium polynicotinate for people suffering from liver or kidney disease, or hepatitis, diabetes, mental illness or hypoglycaemia. It’s also not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers. It can also cause severe allergic reactions in some people so it’s best to get a doctor’s advice before taking anything new. The other benefits I’ve discovered in Chromium polynicotinate is that it firms your skin, making you look younger. Who doesn’t want a dose of that?! Good sources include lean meat, liver, eggs, cheese and whole grains. Brewers yeast and cinnamon have a high chromium content.

So, I’m going to get myself some Chromium polynicotinate and see what happens!

I’m still in the race… Day 12 coming up

Thou shall not tempt me.

Thou shall not tempt me.