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Jacq of all Trades, Master of Writing

Get it Write!

Let’s eat Jacqx.

Let’s eat, Jacqx.

Commas save lives.

And write is wrong. Right? Right! Or left.

Jacqx @ Linking You Locally, Helensvale Library

Sure, we all make mistakes, but eating Jacqx would be tragic. Is writing not as easy as you thought it would be?

Jacquelin Melilli, founder of Jacq of all Trades, Master of Writing (Jacqx Enterprises) can take the stress out of your writing project, edit your manuscript and create your eBooks. Jacqx’s services include:

Jacqx offers workshops for adults, youth, schools or for private groups. These can be tailored to specific needs.


Writing Stage Plays workshop - St Joseph’s Primary School

Writing Stage Plays workshop – St Joseph’s Primary School

  • Scriptwriting
  • Playwriting
  • Creative writing
  • Drama


  • Writing therapy




Gold Coast Writers Festival 2015 – Authors in Schools

Gold Coast Writers Festival 2015 – Authors in Schools

  • Creative writing


Gold Coast Writers Festival – Authors in Schools program.


  • It’s Never Too Late


  • Dreams Keep You Young
  • Planning for Success
  • The Business Empire called Life


“At a Southern Cross University Women’s Networking Luncheon I was fortunate to hear Jacqui Melilli give a talk on how she follows her dreams. Jacqui motivated me especially with the methods Jacqui uses to make her dreams a reality. The analogy such as ‘booking flights’ really inspired me! I hope everyone has the opportunity to listen to Jacqui! I have now found the encouragement I needed, thank you!

Richelle Blackshaw-Smith


What a delight it was to have Jacqui as a guest speaker at our annual Gold Coast Tweed Heads Campus Networking Forum for Women Luncheon (an initiative of SCU in their Staff Development for Women Program). I worked with Jacqui in the Southern Cross Business School and over the 12 years of my employment here have come to accept and appreciate that we all have a had a ‘life’ and indeed many exceptional skills before we came to work here. I was thrilled to learn that Jacqui had talents that one would not expect in a Business School at a University – being an author of various children’s stage plays and educational books. She completed a Masters of Arts in Writing and Literature and pursued her passion in the area of filmmaking, theatre production and scriptwriting. Jacqui spoke to us about ‘Staying Focused on your Dreams and Enjoying the Journey’ and was an inspiration to the women in attendance by sharing that no matter what role you might be currently in or have had on the way, stay focused on your ultimate dream and enjoy the experience that each role provides on your journey to get ‘there’.

Cathy Burton

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