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What legacy will you leave behind?

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Everyone has a story

Nobody has experienced life the same way you have

Writing an autobiography or memoir will be one of the most valuable things you’ll leave behind as a legacy. It’s not always easy to understand our actions, let alone for anyone else to understand them. Writing is incredibly therapeutic. Some of the benefits are:

  • It allows you to express yourself
  • It gives you the opportunity to release any secrets
  • It preserves precious memories
  • Gives people an insight into your world
  • It allows you to share your knowledge and expertise

Jacqx Melilli as a specialist editing and writing coach can help you write your story step-by-step and assist you with editing and self publishing if you choose to make money from your autobiography. 

Is writing not as easy as you thought it would be?

Jacquelin Melilli (Jacqx) has a Master of Arts degree in Writing and Literature with qualifications in Editing, Creative Non-Fiction Writing, Fiction Writing, Publishing, Scriptwriting, Writing & Film, Media Texts for Children, Managing Cultural Projects & Events, Marketing Communication, and Research.

Jacqx can take the stress out of your writing project by either coaching you through the writing process, ghostwriting it for you and then, editing your manuscript. For those wanting to self-publish, Jacqx can guide you through the steps and create your eBook. Contact Jacqx today to learn more on how you can get started.

We all make mistakes, but eating Jacqx would be tragic.

How to write your memoir

How to write your memoir. Media Queen Aldwyn Altuney interviews Jacqx Melilli.

Jacqx Specialist Services

Author, Editor, Writing Coach & Playwright

Jacqx’s services include:

  • Editing your articles or manuscript for maximum effect
  • Coaching you through writing your novel, autobiography, film script, or creative project
  • Manuscript assessment
  • Ghostwriting – Have your project written for you
  • Promotional and marketing reviews
  • Feature Articles
  • Self-publishing an eBook

The journey of a thousand miles begins with taking the first step. It’s a long but rewarding process. Why not start it today?

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What legacy will you leave behind?

Leaving behind a legacy could change your life and the lives of others.

How do you want to be remembered? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Contact Jacqx today to dicuss how you can leave behind your legacy

A few of Jacqx’s endorsements:

From Hero to Zero author, Rod Lovell, endorses Jacqx Melilli, editor and writing coach

From Hero to Zero is the incredible, true story of Captain Rod Lovell’s unbelievable castigation for doing the very thing he was paid to do – keep his passengers safe.

From Hero to Zero is the remarkable true story of how Captain Rod Lovell saved the lives of all on board South Pacific Airmotive’s DC-3 VH-EDC flight to Norfolk Island. On 24 April 1994, just seconds after taking off from Sydney Airport, Captain Lovell was left with 46 seconds to take action over an unflyable aircraft after both engines failed. He ascertained that the safest alternative was a forced ditching into Botany Bay. It was a hero’s decision, although it ultimately destroyed his aviation career.

From Hero to Zero is the whistleblowing book detailing the inadequate investigation and ultimate cover-up by the aviation authorities. The outcome financially and emotionally crushed Captain Lovell, who had exhausted his personal funds in his attempt to defend his actions and prove that the aircraft should have been deemed a safety risk. To purchase a copy click on the book image or here.

Rod’s endorsement of Jacqx’s writing coach and editing services:

"As a “newbie” to writing, I searched the ‘net and thankfully found Jacqui. She has helped me, encouraged me, guided me, advised me and together we have (in my opinion) collaborated to produce an outstanding book. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending her skills and talents."

Captain Rod Lovell

Lyn Traill endorses Jacqx Melilli, editor and writing coach

Lyn Traill endorses Jacqx Melilli, editor of her books, Rainbows Through Cobwebs and Sizzling at Seventy. Contact Jacqx at . Website: www.jacqx.com. Jacqx has a Master of Arts degree in Writing and Literature and is the founder of Jacqx Enterprises, established in 2002.

Rainbows Through Cobwebs covers the topic of grief in its many forms. From grieving over the death of a loved one, including pets, to grieving over the loss of your identity or dreams, Rainbows Through Cobwebs has case studies with toolbox tips on how you can overcome grief.

Lyn Traill has incorporated how to find your fabulous again and again by guiding you on how to look for the rainbows through the cobwebs. Lyn writes with candour, yet her vulnerability is evident. No matter what life throws at Lyn, she is determined to rise through the ashes and find a way to get back on the path to finding happiness.

Purchases can be made by clicking on the link to Lyn’s website: Traill Blaze Communications.

"I secured Jacquelin’s services to edit my book. The book was transformed under her guidance and I was grateful for the clear-sighted direction which she imparted with logical and also creative reasoning. The publisher was impressed with her edit and I know they have a better product as a result of her input."

Lyn Traill - Experienced facilitator, highly intuitive coach, speaker, author. June 18, 2012

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