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Jacqx Melilli, specialises in Editing, Creative Non-Fiction Writing, Fiction Writing, Publishing, Scriptwriting, Writing & Film, Media Texts for Children, Managing Cultural Projects & Events, Marketing Communication, and Research.

Imagine being punished for saving lives? Imagine if you only had 46 seconds to save those lives. Imagine if it was one of your loved ones whose life was spared. Would you not hail the man who saved lives a hero? The Australian media and public embraced Captain Rod Lovell as a hero. The aviation authorities brought him down to zero.

Do you have a secret you’ve buried for fear of the consequences of exposing it? Cheri’s Secret is a short story written for all the brave souls who have suffered at the hands of an abuser. Jacqx aims to raise awareness and empower victims to seek help. Fifty percent of sales will be donated to She Rescue Home

From Hero to Zero author, Rod Lovell, endorses Jacqx Melilli, editor and writing coach

From Hero to Zero is the incredible, true story of Captain Rod Lovell’s unbelievable castigation for doing the very thing he was paid to do – keep his passengers safe.

From Hero to Zero – Read the Book Review here

Cheri’s Secret short story trailer

Click this link to purchase a copy (PDF, ePub, Kindle). Your purchase will assist the She Rescue Home Organisation that provides a safe haven for girls trafficked in Cambodia. 

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