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Jacqx Melilli, specialises in Editing, Creative Non-Fiction Writing, Fiction Writing, Publishing, Scriptwriting, Writing & Film, Media Texts for Children, Managing Cultural Projects & Events, Marketing Communication, and Research.

Short Story


Do you have a secret you’ve buried for fear of the consequences of exposing it? Cheri’s Secret is a short story written for all the brave souls who have suffered at the hands of an abuser. Jacqx aims to raise awareness and empower victims to seek help. Fifty percent of sales will be donated to She Rescue Home.

Cheri’s life was marred by a secret she had harboured since childhood. As she waits for death to claim her, she recounts the seasons of her life. Her beauty, now faded with age, was a blessing and a curse. She lived her life with a hardened heart, avenging those who hurt her until she met Mani, the only man who understood her pain and challenged her to face her demons. Will she break the curse that stole her innocence?

Cheri’s Secret short story trailer

Click this link to purchase a copy (PDF, ePub, Kindle). Your purchase will assist the She Rescue Home Organisation that provides a safe haven for girls trafficked in Cambodia. 

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