The Smell of Money is a witty play written by Queensland local, Peter Maden. It centres around the Helensvale Jets Aussie Rules Football Club that has been on a losing streak since the world began. A committee meeting reveals that their only star player is constantly in trouble with the law. The President is reluctant to suspend him in the hopes that he may just win them their first game before the season ends. They are in desperate need of new club shirts for the players as their current ones are hanging by threads. To top it all off, they are completely out of funds.

Dennis Delaney, who has been sentenced to a hundred hours of community service for a drink-driving charge has been assigned to assist the club. Without a cent to his name, to be able to commute to the club, he asks his brother to drive him. It sounds simple enough, except that his brother works for a limousine company. When Dennis is dropped off in a limousine, the club president immediately misconstrues that Dennis is a wealthy entrepreneur sent to get the club back on its feet. In their desperation to find a solution, they place all their hopes on Dennis who doesn’t have the first clue about business, let alone running a club. To read the full review, click on the link:

The Smell of Money

Image courtesy of Ted Auguste