Lyn Traill


Rainbows Through Cobwebs

Rainbows Through Cobwebs covers the topic of grief in its many forms. From grieving over the death of a loved one, including pets, to grieving over the loss of your identity or dreams, Rainbows Through Cobwebs has case studies with toolbox tips on how you can overcome grief. Lyn Traill has incorporated how to find your fabulous again …

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Sizzling at Seventy by Lyn Traill - Jacqx Book Review

Sizzling at Seventy

Lyn Traill has courageously spoken out about her severe abuse as a child at the hands of the people she was supposed to trust to love and protect her. As is usually the case, people who have been abused suppress the memories that have changed how they see themselves. Lyn takes you through the roller …

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