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Letter’s End by Wolfe Bowart

In a world where film and television are the norm, I had the pleasure of spending two enjoyable hours watching the amazing Wolfe Bowart perform his production of Letter’s End at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) in Brisbane's Southbank. It was a magical and refreshing experience that had the audience laughing within minutes and captivated throughout the show. Wolfe’s vaudeville acts, incorporated magic, juggling, acrobatics and some pretty impressive dance moves to Justin Timberlake's, ‘I’m Bringing Sexy Back’. Wolfe tells the story of Letter’s End without uttering a word. The audience is taken on an intriguing journey accompanied by beautiful music from various cultures and eras; a kaleidoscope of colours; shadow puppetry, and dazzling special effects. The props of yesteryear added an endearing ambiance as Wolfe weaved his magic using a gramophone player; clocks; a teddy bear; an amazing bubble blowing hat that produced rainbow coloured bubbles, which he proceeded to pop with a plumed fountain pen as he jumped up on tables and bounced around the stage in effortless leaps and bounds. The story of Letter’s End begins with Wolfe’s character collecting piles of parcels that fall down a chute. He collects them and throws them into a furnace. As the story unfolds, he finds old parcels that contain his beloved teddy bear and old letters and memorabilia that take him back to his childhood and to the love of his life.

Wolfe’s amazing imagination masterfully intertwined interactions of himself on a film screen with his live stage performance. Wolfe stood on the stage watching himself on the screen. Suddenly, he reached into the screen and magically pulled out flowers being offered to him from the screen. It was delightful to watch, and every passing moment brought more surprises and funny antics. Wolfe’s facial expressions and mannerisms were perfection. It reminded me of Marcel Marceau, the French mime artist of Jewish heritage, who could captivate an audience through the magic of silent expressions.

Letter’s End was one of the most interesting and inspirational productions I’ve watched in a long time. It’s different from other shows in that it’s completely unpredictable, stimulating and so much fun to watch. Letter’s End is physical theatre presented with skillful precision. Wolfe performs all over the world. I encourage you to keep a watch for his performances. They are certainly worth the effort and are very affordable. For information on performance dates, visit: https://www.spoontree.com

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