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Social Climbers

Social Climbers is about four teachers, a school counsellor and a rebellious daughter who take a weekend hike to unwind from their stressful lives. Once at the cabin, not only do they unload their packs full of food, alcohol, and a souvenir rock; their hang-ups get unloaded as well. Torrential rain and a flooded bridge keep them stranded for 3 days. What they get up to, to help pass the time, raises a few eyebrows and will have you laughing, tearing up and applauding enthusiastically.

Social Climbers, written by Roger Hall, the first playwright to win a Prime Minister’s Literary award, has very clever and witty dialogue. It’s refreshing to know that a male has written such an in-depth play about women’s insecurities, sexual conquests and vulnerabilities. Each character gets a chance to unload the burden of their secrets. Once they let their guard down they realise that nobody is against them, in fact it creates a bond amongst the women that cements their friendship. Of course, it’s not just souls that are exposed, there’s a little nudity involved and dressing and undressing on stage that had a few eyes popping. When the women get back from a refreshing bath, they return to the cabin to get dressed. A slip of the towel has the audience gasping and wondering what else to expect from this surprising play. There’s a cracking thunderstorm, explosions, screaming bloody murder, ghostly stories, a birthday celebration, a séance, a drunken party, confessions, melt downs and revelations that will keep you entertained throughout. To read the full review, click on the link below: Weekend Notes – Social Climbers

Theatre Information

Production Social Climbers
Where Gold Coast Little Theatre, 21a Scarborough St, Southport
When 21/11/2015 - 12/12/2015
Bookings Gold Coast Little Theatre

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