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Purchase Jacqx's short stories, one-act plays, and educational books

True Stories

Articles and stories inspired by true stories and projects Jacqx's been involved in.

Jacqx’s stage plays, books, & short stories.

Jacqx books are available on our Shop page and also on Amazon.

Australian stage plays for children, set in the Aussie bushland and outback.

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Resources for drama teachers and theatre directors

Educational Books

The Lights, Camera, Action! series of educational books are suitable for primary school drama students. Learn More

One Act Plays

Jacqx Melilli’s one-act plays are ideal for performing at schools, Eisteddfods, Theatre Festivals and for travelling troupes. Learn More

Jacqx Shop

Purchase short stories, Secrets That Define Us, one-act plays, Can Anybody Hear Me?, Little Red Meets the Dingo, Goldisocks and the Three Koalas, Foreigners in Oztralia, Lost Child and educational books, the Lights, Camera, Action series published by Ready-Ed Publications. Learn More

Short Stories

Secrets That Define Us.
Learn More

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