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Jacqx’s articles include the writing journey of her debut novel, All That Glitters Is Not Gold; her short stories, stage plays and book and film reviews based on true stories.

The Freedom Circus by Sue Smethurst book cover- Jacqx book review

The Freedom Circus

When Mindla Levin and Kubush Horowitz first met, they were instantly attracted. Mindla worked in a leather factory and Kubush was a clown in the Circus Staniewski. Mindla’s father disapproved of Kubush, saying: “A clown is not a husband… nothing good comes from a clown.” That clown saved their lives.

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From Hero to Zero

From Hero to Zero is the incredible, true story of Captain Rod Lovell’s unbelievable castigation for doing the very thing he was paid to do – keep his passengers safe.

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Rainbows Through Cobwebs

Rainbows Through Cobwebs covers the topic of grief in its many forms. From grieving over the death of a loved one, including pets, to grieving over the loss of your identity

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Fifty Years of Silence by Jan Ruff-O’Herne - Jacqx Book Review

Fifty Years of Silence book review

Fifty Years of Silence is the memoir of Jan Ruff-O’Herne, a war rape survivor. Jan’s idyllic childhood in Dutch colonial Indonesia came to an abrupt end when war intruded on her life and she was captured and imprisoned.

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The Boy Who Wouldn't Die - Jacqx Book Review

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Die

David Nyuol Vincent was the boy who wouldn’t die. His story of fleeing war-torn Southern Sudan with his father is captivating. It is written in a matter-of-fact way, void of

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Sizzling at Seventy by Lyn Traill - Jacqx Book Review

Sizzling at Seventy

Lyn Traill has courageously spoken out about her severe abuse as a child at the hands of the people she was supposed to trust to love and protect her. As

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