True Stories

Jacqx’s articles are inspired by true stories, her journey as a writer of her debut novel, Rogues and Vagabonds; and reviews on books, films, and theatre productions.

Who Are You? A Guide to Writing Your Memoir

Who are you? Who do people think you are? What legacy do you want to leave behind? These are questions worthy to be asked for you to leave a footprint of your existence on this earth. Your life matters, whether you realise it or not. There are many people who are curious to know more about you. Whether it’s your family, friends or strangers. You have stories, skills and knowledge stored within you that are valuable. Isn’t it time you passed them on?

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escaping genocide

Escaping Genocide

There’s hell on earth…where atrocities are committed everyday, where life has no value, where mercy and compassion do not exist; where fear reigns and survival depends on the dialect you speak; the ethnic group you belong to. Helena reveals the trauma of escaping genocide.

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Christian - Trapeze Lesson

A Trapeze Lesson

The Awesome Side of Research Research sounds pretty boring, right? It may conjure up an image of someone with their nose to the books, or computer screen, slight frown creasing

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One-Act Play Theatre Festivals

One-Act Play Theatre Festivals Participating in One-Act Play Theatre Festivals was the inspiration I needed to write my own plays for my drama students. Some of my fondest memories come

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Christian's cool - Christian & Dillion Skydiving Coffs

Skydiving Bucket List Dare

Revenge. Whether it be on misbehaving teens, a mother or father-in-law, or your comatose partner, skydiving is the perfect way to get someone back for causing you grief… just throw

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A Dream of Courage

I had a dream last night that I was standing high above the ground on one of those tree-top obstacle courses where you have to make your way across from one place

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Dream Big Dreams

Why should we bother dreaming big dreams? It seems the older we get the less we dream. Has life beaten us down to the point that we think that dreaming

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