Escaping Hell

Please be warned that the content in this article is disturbing. It is written in respect of those who have no means to speak for themselves about the horrors they’ve survived and those not so fortunate to have escaped. There’s hell on earth…where atrocities are committed everyday, where life has no value, where mercy and …

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Christian - Trapeze Lesson

A Trapeze Lesson

The Awesome Side of Research Research sounds pretty boring, right? It may conjure up an image of someone with their nose to the books, or computer screen, slight frown creasing their forehead as they try to make sense of the bombardment of information they are suppose to screen, dissect, reword, rephrase, verify, and somehow mould …

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A Dream of Courage

I had a dream last night that I was standing high above the ground on one of those tree-top obstacle courses where you have to make your way across from one place to the other by clutching steel wires and balancing on wobbly steel cables, or flying across on a flying fox. In my case, I was …

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Dream Big Dreams

Why should we bother dreaming big dreams? It seems the older we get the less we dream. Has life beaten us down to the point that we think that dreaming is a waste of time? To me dreaming is a symbol of hope and faith. Dreaming is a vision of the future that keeps us …

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Jacqx's favourite books

Jacqx’s Favourite Books

What books have had a major influence on you, and in what ways? The Bible has had the most influence on me because I had never read it but had formed an opinion (negative) about religion by what others thought or by what my parents taught me. I tried to read the Old Testament but I hated it. …

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