Jacqx Melilli has a Master of Arts degree in Writing and Literature. She is the author of short stories and educational books on filmmaking and theatre production, and children's stage plays set in the Australian bush and outback.

The Boy Who Wouldn't Die - Jacqx Book Review

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Die

David Nyuol Vincent was the boy who wouldn’t die. His story of fleeing war-torn Southern Sudan with his father is captivating. It is written in a matter-of-fact way, void of any bitterness or hostility, nor seeking to emotionally manipulate. It appears to reflect the manner in which he was trained to survive as a child

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Sizzling at Seventy by Lyn Traill - Jacqx Book Review

Sizzling at Seventy

Lyn Traill has courageously spoken out about her severe abuse as a child at the hands of the people she was supposed to trust to love and protect her. As is usually the case, people who have been abused suppress the memories that have changed how they see themselves. Lyn takes you through the roller

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A Dream of Courage

I had a dream last night that I was standing high above the ground on one of those tree-top obstacle courses where you have to make your way across from one place to the other by clutching steel wires and balancing on wobbly steel cables, or flying across on a flying fox. In my case, I was

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Dream Big Dreams

Why should we bother dreaming big dreams? It seems the older we get the less we dream. Has life beaten us down to the point that we think that dreaming is a waste of time? To me dreaming is a symbol of hope and faith. Dreaming is a vision of the future that keeps us

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