Sizzling at Seventy

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Sizzling at Seventy by Lyn Traill - Jacqx Book Review

Sizzling at Seventy

Lyn Traill has courageously spoken out about her severe abuse as a child at the hands of the people she was supposed to trust to love and protect her. As is usually the case, people who have been abused suppress the memories that have changed how they see themselves. Lyn takes you through the roller coaster emotions that were her journey throughout her adult years whilst she searched for the truth behind her nightmares. Her abuse began with her mother.

‘Every afternoon as I arrived home from school, I would first look in the window to prepare myself. My heart would race as I gauged her mood and how I would deal with it… it was the extreme right angle tilt (of her head) that really heralded the onslaught of the hideous, angry outbursts which were so frightening. I was often subjected to these outbursts… the banshee, verbal screams would invariably be accompanied by heavy physical abuse which would sometimes result in yet another broken nose. I can still visualise the look of hatred on her face as she raised her hand to give me yet another wallop which would knock my head sideways and leave my face stinging. Her face would be distorted with rage and she seemed to exude a demonic, animal power which rendered her victim helpless.’

As a helpless child, Lyn could not defend herself and grew up believing that there was something wrong with her. Her mother’s words that ‘no decent man would ever want her,’ would echo in her head. She believed she was an unattractive tomboy, and it was the laying down of that foundation in her mind that caused her to make decisions as an adult that would continue to cause her pain and heartache. Lyn experienced moments so low that she lost her desire to live.

‘I could see absolutely no way out of this life that I was living. I recognise that in this state I was not thinking clearly. I had an intense wish for my life to be over. I was not afraid of dying but a huge dread of living in this continual state of despair. So irrational were my thoughts that I even believed that my children would be better off without me. I stood there clutching the rail of the balcony, my jumbled thoughts racing through my head. My whole body felt under attack and at that moment I decided that I would jump and get it over with.’

How does someone get through such desperation? Lyn explains the techniques she learnt, through the study of ontology, to help her get through her darkest times, by posing questions and points to ponder at the end of each chapter. What is particularly special about this book is that Lyn walks you through her journey whilst explaining to you, through her ontological teaching, how she fell into the trap of continued abuse throughout her adult life. The first step of her recovery was when she began to understand her moods and emotions by becoming a better observer of what went through her mind. There’s no need to walk a dark journey alone. By learning to accept circumstances that are beyond our control, it is possible to move from being a victim to being victorious. Some other points Lyn covers are:

  • Letting go of resentment
  • The trap of living in resignation
  • Examining and overcoming breakdowns
  • Suggestions for overcoming fear and anxiety
  • Encouraging the mood of ambition
  • Assessments and the construction of personal reality
  • Developing a mood of wonder
  • Suggestions for making positive declarations
  • Suggestions for developing self-compassion
  • Twelve steps to shift moods

The reason Lyn is sizzling at seventy is because she was determined to find the answers to why she continued to experience emotional turmoil, which was exasperated by a recurring nightmare. Her painful journey was darkened by marital abuse, a terrible accident, being diagnosed with breast cancer, attempted suicide, divorce, and more abuse at the hands of men. To know Lyn today, you would never imagine the trials she has faced. She has the looks and stamina of a much younger woman, she oozes confidence, and her life is full of joy and purpose as she helps others to overcome their trials and see their own future as bright. She will show you how to sizzle no matter what your age. ‘Sizzlers are suppressed by selling themselves short,’ quotes Lyn. Not only is Sizzling at Seventy an interesting read, it is very thought-provoking and touching. You can’t help but question your own life choices and wonder whether the life you’re currently living is the life that was meant for you, or the life that was forced upon you. Lyn’s journey took her from victim to victorious. At seventy, she is a vessel of wisdom and knowledge who has willingly opened her heart to you with her story. Sizzling at Seventy can be purchased through Lyn’s website at: Sizzling at Seventy edited by Jacquelin Melilli or through any major bookstore.

Book Information

Book TitleSizzling at Seventy
AuthorLyn Traill
DescriptionThis book is a biographical life raft for everyone seeking to untangle and improve their lives. The narrative is full of struggle, poverty and abandonment told with humour and pathos. However, in the closing chapters, the book rejoices in Lyn’s new life of fulfilment and empowerment. Lyn’s passion is to assist others who may be caught in the debilitating condition of victimhood to rise triumphant and experience victory. Lyn proves that it is never too late!

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