The Whistleblower – Film Review

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The Whistleblower – Film Review

The Whistleblower exposes the dark world of sex trafficking.

Whistleblower Rachel Weisz is brilliant as Kathryn, a US cop whose dedication and commitment to her job has a negative side-effect that results in her losing custody of her daughter. With nothing left to lose, she accepts a high paid 6 month post working for the United Nations (UN) in Bosnia which changes the course of her life. She is the only woman on the force working amongst hard-nosed men who have little regard for women. Her excellent work protecting the rights of Muslim women is noticed by Madeline, played by Vanessa Redgrave, who offers Kathryn a promotion to Head of Department.

Defending women’s rights

Kathryn’s bull-headed determination to investigate, what appears to be, discrepancies with how cases are handled begins to create tension with her colleagues. It isn’t long before things begin to unravel when Kathryn discovers that the girls from a local bar are part of a human trafficking business. The girls, held against their will are brutally beaten, drugged and tortured. What Kathryn uncovers puts her life in danger and has huge international implications for the persecution of high officials employed as peacekeepers.

There are 2.5 million victims of human trafficking

The film is action-packed from start to finish and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The brutality is severe, making the facts that this is also a reality for 2.5 million victims of human trafficking difficult to conceive and devastating to accept. The atmosphere created by the bleak and colourless location accurately reflects the lives of those trapped in its existence.

Rachel Weisz’s performance is exceptional. Her eyes speak volumes. The viewer is swept along Kathryn’s journey at such a rapid pace that it is easy to be caught up in Kathryn’s frustration, and the compassion she feels for the young girls whose fear of the brutal treatment by their captors outweighs their courage to try to escape.

It is a disturbing and stressful film to watch because of the truth of the facts. It is brilliantly written and directed by Larysa Kondracki. The film is an amazing achievement as her directorial debut. Also of high standard is the cinematography work of Kieran McGuigan, and brilliant editing by Julian Clarke. It is a film worth seeing and one that will be etched in your mind permanently. There are many reasons to see this film, the most important is for the awareness it brings to human trafficking and the exposure of the people who are paid to protect. If youth won’t listen to the advice of their parents, they may pay attention to what happens in this film.

Jacq’s rating: 4 out of 5

Film Information

DirectorLarysa Kondracki
ProducerAmy Kaufman, Christina Piovesan, Celine Rattray
ScreenplayLarysa Kondracki, Eilis Kirwan
CinematographyKieran McGuigan
CastRachel Weisz, Vanessa Redgrave, Monica Bellucci
Duration112 mins
Rating4 out of 5

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